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About Us

7 Star Digital Network is a leading provider of cutting edge cable, digital media and entertainment services to discerning customers that demand the best and expect nothing less. 7 Star is primarily involved in the operation of cable systems and in the delivery and distribution of infotainment via this extensive cable network. We are one of the nation's pre-eminent providers of digital entertainment services to residential and business customers.

Amongst the distinctions that can be credited to 7 Star are being the first to bring the Digital revolution to Mumbai, introducing this technology of the future to suburban subscribers as early as four years ago when all they were ever exposed to was the analog feed that is now swiftly and surely becoming a thing of the past. Never one to rest on its past glories, 7 Star set another benchmark for everyone else to aspire to by being the first HD content provider all over India, with the maximum number of HD channels being offered for the enjoyment of its viewers.

And it gets better and better for you, the viewer; they are also the first one to get 3D channels all over India, and we haven't even made a passing mention of being the first to deploy addressable systems across the network! Operating out of Mumbai's western suburbs, 7 Star has since grown from strength to strength, with a wide-ranging backbone of distributors scattered across the length and breadth of Mumbai's suburban stretch.

7 Star is committed to delivering excellence consistently and will continue bringing world-class services to its suburban clientele complete with the latest in innovations.

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