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Enjoy pictures with details 5 times more vivid than normal television, complete with lifelike color and incredible sound quality every time you use 7 Star HD Set Top Box. What's more, you can even record, pause and rewind your favorite television shows using the capacious internal storage that comes with every HD Set Top Box.

How will the 7 Star Set Top Box be beneficial for me?
Evolution is a constant fact in technology and the latest generation of Digital Cable TV will offer you the latest advances in high-quality entertainment and services at your fingertips.
Seven Star puts a variety of choices at your disposal, thanks to its Digital Set Top Box. Besides the usual boutique of services, Seven Star Digital Cable also offers:
Easy one-touch access to our Electronic Programming Guide (EPG). The EPG allows viewers to keep track of which program is scheduled for a particular time slot and keeps track of your interests for you, without taking away from your viewing experience in the least bit.
More than 200 channels to choose from, such as the usual, mix of entertainment, sports and news, to name but a few options. We also have some personalized channels planned, so stay tuned for news on that too!
Over and above everything else, stellar image quality and reliable, speedy customer service.

When will Digital Cable be available?
This system is already in place in our service area and the advantages of this an be availed of as soon as you wish to. Contact your local operator for further details.

How much will the 7 Star Set Top Box cost me?
That depends on your usage pattern and the type of package you choose to purchase. You can find out more about our package options by getting in touch with your operator, who would be only too happy to assist you.

Will I have to pay the cable subscription charge once I purchase the Set Top Box?
Yes, you will have to pay the monthly cable subscription charges even after the purchase of the Set Top Box.

What will be the mode of payment for the cable subscription charge; do I need to buy a prepaid card or something else?
The mode of payment will remain the same for the cable subscription charge, we value our subscriber's precious time and thus we provide them with door to door payment.

Will the 7 Star Set Top Box be useful when CAS (Conditional Access System) is Implemented?
Yes, the Set Top Box besides providing with some exclusive feature is also a preparation of CAS which will soon be implemented, therefore a subscriber need not worry about either disconnection of the channels or unable to view a channel when CAS in implemented.

Will I need any new equipment to run the Set Top Box?
Yes, you will need to either purchase or rent a Digital Set Top Box. This comes complete with a remote control and the in-built equipment you will need to decode the Digital Cable feed and enjoy a new way of viewing.

What if I want an additional connection?
Any extra connections will be considered or charged separately from the original Set Top Box purchased/rented.

What is this Electronic Programming Guide I keep hearing about?
The Electronic Programming Guide (the EPG) , a very handy tool that will prove invaluable during your use of this 7-Star Digital Set Top Box. It's like a roadmap, but much better. It puts all the information about current and upcoming programme schedules at the touch of your fingers.
The EPG is like a storehouse of all the data you might want to know about your TV's content, such as a program synopsis, upcoming programs, and the ability to remind you when such program is available for viewing. Think of it as a navigation system for your television.
All of this is one button away, never leaving you to wonder or even remember about current running programs. Leave that to us, while you get on with things more fun!

How is the 7 Star Set Top Box superior?
Digital Cable offers superior image and sound quality, more well defined content and lots more channels to choose from. This, coupled with our localized and speedy service ensures you are left with as hassle-free an experience as possible.

Do the Set Top Box has built in Game?
Yes, the Set Top Box is equipped with built in games to kill your boredom.

Is it internet capable as well?
While this is not yet a standard feature, the Set Top Box is upgradeable via software updates and this, or indeed many other advanced features, could be added at a later date without your having to change the Set Top Box itself.

Are there any installation charges to install the Set Top Box?
There will be absolutely no Installation Charges on the installation of the Set Top Box, it is free for the existing subscribers of 7 Star.

Does the 7 Star Set Top Box comes with a warranty?
Yes, the Set Top Box comes with 1 year warranty, any fault during that 1 year period with the Set Top Box will be bared by the Cable operator. The warranty will be void if the Set Top Box is opened or altered.

Will there be any Complaint or visiting charges by the technical personal?
No, Any kind of visiting charged for any complaint or troubleshooting will be absolutely of no cost. Any cost involved besides the Set Top box will not be barred by the cable operator.

How do I use Seven Star HD Set Top Box?
In addition to our HD Set Top Box and an HD subscription package, you will need a television capable of displaying FULL HD 1080i or HDTV written on it. It needs to be HD Ready

How can I find out if my TV is capable of FULL HD or is HD Ready?
A TV capable of displaying HD will have the 'HD Ready Full HD 1080' logo. Any TV that is 37" or larger must be capable of displaying the full 1080 lines to experience HD TV in all its glory. Some HD channels look better in the progressive 720p format, and our intelligent HD Set Top Box permits each HD channel to choose the format best suited to it.

So an HD TV is all I need?
No, you will also need an HD receiver like our HD Set Top Box.

What is an HDMI cable?
HDMI (HIGH DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE) cables deliver crystal-clear digital audio and video. We recommend connecting our HD Set Top Box to an HD ready TV via an HDMI cable.

How many HDMI connectors does the HD Set Top Box have?
Our future ready HD Set Top Box has one HDMI connector.

What is Digital 5.1 surround sound?
Digital 5.1 surround sound delivers stunning quality audio to complement your HD picture. To take full advantage of this, you will need a compatible home cinema system. Without it, you can still enjoy amazing picture quality along with stereo sound.

What are the key features of the HD Set Top Box?
With our HD Set Top Box, you can enjoy incredibly lifelike picture and sound quality at your convenience. We also offer the widest range of HD channels anywhere in India, and our HD Set Top Box also doubles up as a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), allowing you to record, replay and rewind your favorite TV shows at will. Additionally, you can also browse the internet on your TV and listen to streaming Internet Radio channels in real time. You can even use our HD Set Top Box as a media player, playing back your favorite videos from a pen drive or hard disk drive at your convenience.

What format will the HD channel be broadcast in?
Each channel will be broadcast in either 1080i or 720p, depending on which format is best suited for the channel's content.

Can I also record my favorite TV shows?
Yes, you can record TV shows in High Definition or Standard Definition. You can also record your TV show while watching another, over and above the many advanced features we offer.

How many channels are available in High Definition?
We offer the widest number of HD Channels in India, and we currently offer 30+ HD Channels at the moment.

What are the features of the HD Set Top Box Programme Guide (EPG)?
With our improved Electronic Programme Guide, you can browse through the list of programmes on all channels up to 24 hours in advance. You won't even have to stop watching your favorite TV show while you're doing so!

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