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Digital cable network
Our latest generation 7-Star Digital Set Top Box offers you a wide range of 208 digital channels to choose from, so that you'll always find something worth watching on TV.

3d channel
Get ready to experience a picture so realistic and immersive that it's almost lifelike. Get ready to be blown away by a 3D experience on a TV near you!

The Electronic Program Guide helps you locate your favorite content and ensures you don't miss out on any of your favorite programs. If, somehow miraculously, you still find nothing that suits your fancy and are bored, we've even built in some games into the 7-Star Digital Set Top Box for your entertainment.

Movie on demand
In addition, we also offer 8 Video on Demand Channels so that you get the very best content delivered straight to your living room.

HD channel
We offer the widest number of HD Channels in India of any service provider, so get yourself our intelligent HD Setup Box and prepare yourself for a viewing experience like no other, with video 5 times clearer than Standard Definition and audio that can be enjoyed in 5.1 surround sound.

Songs on demand
We give you access to songs on demand via our class-leading Set Top Boxes, so hum along with your favorite tracks and revel in the latest music from the west and Bollywood!

7Star's Digital
Set-Top Box

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Video on Demand

Songs on Demand